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A Meditation Exercise Step by Step

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Mindfulness has been shown to be vital a practice for our Mental and Emotional health. See below for a simple and effective mindful meditation to get you started on this.

Sit comfortably. Make sure you are not interrupted at all. Not lying down. Sit up.

Imagine a cone of silence around you.

Immerse yourself in this.

Feel it a protective space around you, impenetrable to others.

With your feet barefoot, focus on them resting firmly on the ground.

Focus on your back and sit comfortably upright. Hands by your side. Palms down to help you connect with your groundedness. Eyes shut. Keep them shut throughout. This helps.

Focus your mind on your body. Scan the whole of it. Where are you holding tension? Release it. Start from your toes. Wiggle and release. Same all through. Just stop clenching that jaw. Go all the way up to the top of your skull. Let it all gradually release. This is important. Don’t skip it.

Then turn your attention to your breathing. Nothing more. Breathe slowly. Fill your lungs. Then gradually, slowly, mindfully breathe out.

When you do this, imagine your breath going all the way into the ground beneath you – connecting you with earth.

Giving you that feeling of being one with the earth’s power. You can use this thought to imagine you are like a strong tree which will not be buffeted about by other people’s energy. You are strong. Each breath heads strongly into the ground. Keep doing this.

If you find your mind is trying to distract you with a million thoughts, let them come up, notice they are coming up, do not judge them, put them in a cloud and blow them away. This is time for your breathing. The mind will try to stop this but you won’t let it. Same with emotions. Do not judge them. Let them come and go. They are all just passing through you. Your attention is on your breathing. Do not give in to thoughts or emotions.

Keep breathing mindfully and go for at least 3 mins. If you can do 5, go for it. If you can do 10 even better. Go with what works for you. This will expand with practice.

When you are ready to come out of it, open your eyes, rub your thumbs across your fingers, wriggle your toes and gradually return your consciousness to the here and now.

Thank yourself for making time to do such a positive thing.

And say – I am practicing positive self-care today and I am grateful to me for doing so.

If you would like an audio of this meditation, please let me know and I can email you one through. I am in the process of recording them for whoever wants them.

Enjoy your day!

Dr Chloe x

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