Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell CPsychol, AFBPsS

The Grief Clinic 

Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell  is the founder of the Grief Clinic and a leading Chartered Counselling Psychologist expert in Grief, Loss and Trauma. She is passionate about raising awareness and helping people talk about Loss without fear and enjoys bringing communities of like minded people together to share stories and understand the profound impact of loss on their lives. Dr Chloe is the founder of The Grief Clinic and through this she runs webinars on Grief & Loss, as well as on Trauma, Stress and Coping with Change and offers one to one or group sessions to anyone looking to heal and embrace their mental health and wellbeing in the face of suffering and pain.  

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Dr Chloe's Mission

Dr Chloe's mission is to raise awareness about how Grief and Loss impacts us physiologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Dr Chloe offers her expertise on how to overcome and live in the face of loss, and is dedicated to sharing tips, guidance and therapeutic advice to heal and get out of chronic "survival mode." 

Recovery is possible when we stand strong in our purpose and we accept that everything about our life has been part of a greater unfolding story we get to author. 


Recovery is personal and subjective but certainly possible. Nobody needs to exist in constant fear, exhausted by chronic anxiety and heavily or chronically medicated.

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Dr Chloe's Vision

Dr Chloe's vision is about de-stigmatising Mental Health and bringing like minded people together to talk safely and openly about the human condition,  loss, and the trauma of grief.


So much of poor Mental Health happens because people get overwhelmed by a dis-regulated nervous system, constantly in "survival mode" and caught up in both physiological and psychological stress. The body holds so much trauma and tension when it is stuck in survival mode and recovery is all about observing oneself fully and embracing growth from within.


We cant change what sits outside of us. But we can change how we respond and change is always evolving within us.  

Learning to navigate mental health is a process and good therapy means you are heard, validated, acknowledged, empathised with and supported to process all of your emotions (good and bad) in a safe space that allows for destructive unconscious beliefs to be revealed and for choices to be explored without judgements and control. 

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