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Helping Organisations Embrace Mental Health 

Dr Chloe is a Leading Consultant in Mental Health at Work and supports global organizations integrate Mental Health and Well-being into their workplace cultures. 

She works with corporate groups in Law, Finance, Retail, Insurance & Banking to break the conspiracy of silence on Mental ill health in the workforce. 

She has gained a powerful reputation as a Grief expert, has founded The Grief Clinic and is passionate about raising awareness on how Grief connects to Mental Health, how Grief manifests in the body physiologically and helps professionals support bereaved colleagues return to work. 

Dr Chloe works closely with Wellbeing representatives & HR to implement appropriate and best practice in embracing Wellness and Grief in the workplace. 

She has a lot of experience in Grief work and recent projects involve: 


1. Delivering organisationally tailored grief webinars - explaining what Grief is, how to handle it, and how to support others through it to organisations all over the world. 

2. Setting up Peer Support Bereavement groups to keep channels of support open and ensure Compassionate behaviours and Empathic Leadership foster deep and meaningful human connections.  

3. Training senior leaders, middle managers and Mental Health allies to support bereaved colleagues at work. 

4. Run specific seminars on Suicide, Baby Loss, Traumatic Loss, Loss of a colleague. 

5. Educating senior leaders on the value of Compassionate Leadership for greater psychological safety. 

6. Educating leaders on the value of Empathy and how to hold empathic conversations with bereaved or distressed colleagues.  

Dr Chloe knows that investment in the prevention of Mental Health is so much better than treatment of Mental Health and the pandemic has really highlighted the need for creating workplace environments that foster connections, respect, empathy, compassion, understanding of Mental Health and wellbeing conversations. With 1 in 5 adults in the UK being diagnosed with a Mental Health Condition pre-pandemic, and the increase of this by a third, it is no longer a nice to have. Mental Health used to be something that leaders did as an add on, or when incidents needed managing. The rise in deteriorating Mental Health is expected to cost the global business economies $2.5 trillion in 2023 and organisations can no longer stay silent.

"Leaders and managers need to really learn about what it means to be a Compassionate Leader and embrace an emotional intelligent approach that shepherds their groups to a post Covid19 world that is not only business ready but mentally well too." McKinsey Report (2022) 

The conspiracy of silence on death, dying, Grief, loss and vulnerable emotions has got to change and leaders and managers now need to face mental health and wellbeing issues head on, expand their understanding of what contributes and constitutes deteriorating Mental Health, how to spot it, how to handle it using the right language and skill, how to promote it and how to lead by example.

Dr Chloe runs many webinars and here are some examples of what is available: 

Understanding Grief & Loss  


Baby Loss 

Understanding and coping with Suicide 

Mental Fitness and Mental Resilience 

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Understanding Trauma and PTSD

Understanding Stress and coping with Change 

Understanding Menopause and Mental Health

Myth Busting for Mental Health

Self care for Mental Health

Understanding Depression 

Understanding Anxiety 

If you would like to speak to Dr Chloe about a tailored workshop for your group please contact her via email at for an initial introduction. 

Dr Chloe works with corporate clients across the world and has recently worked with Accenture, Cleary Gotlieb Harrison, Gusto, Department of Transport, Tesco, Lloyds, Mediacom, Travers Smith, Sidley Austin, Incedium, This Can Happen, Ogilvy, Weil Gotshal, Employees Matter, BNP Baribas, EBRD, Veolia  to name a few. 

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